Barre Chord Secrets Guitar Course

Posted on February 12, 2019

Recently I re-released a guitar course I created a while ago about how to play some very useful barre chords. It is titled Barre Chord Secrets and can be found here The link enables you to purchase this fantastic course at half price.

Barre chords are essential for a guitar player to learn and use. It doesn’t matter if you play an acoustic or electric guitar, barre chords open up a world of songs and music that just isn’t playable using only open position chords. In this course I review the essential open position chords and the best ways to finger them. Knowing the open position chords is important because the barre chords are based upon the open chord shapes. After playing through the open chords to make sure you have them down pat we move on to learning and playing barre chords. I show you how to move between the two most common shapes of barre chords and how to use them in a song. Clicking the link  will take you to the homepage for the course. There you will find a couple of free samples of the course. Take a look around and hopefully you’ll like it!

Learn to Play Barre Chords on Guitar!